Saturday, 19 May 2012

Olympic Torch Arrives in Helston

Another massive event for Helston, with crowds on a scale of Flora Day!  "Autie Towers" was where I started the day for a quick photo off the highly decorated house.  I then returned to the area near The Blue Anchor (planned to get a shot of the runner with the torch in front of the arches next to the bowling green) (an over exited crowd snookered this though, coupled with the big lorry that was about 2 feet in front of the torch bearer) Still you have to make the best of the situation! One photographer didn't even know the torch bearer had gone by, that is how much of a glimpse we got. The Helston town band were in full swing keeping everyone entertained with the floral dance amongst other tunes. Anyhow onto what I salvaged from the scrummage to get pictures.

"Autie Towers"

Good to see lots of Union Jacks

The Samsung quad that gave out lots of freebies

A couple of what seemed like a million police in their car

Torch Relay Vehicles

A bigger Samsung Wagon

Torch bearer number 044, sorry no name)

Helston's town band

Peacock I think?

Future Olympian?

Helston's Big Drum

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  1. Great header and some terrific compsed shots here.