Thursday, 27 December 2012

Cury Hunt at Helston

On boxing day each year the Cury hunt meets up at Helston and then sets out through Penrose/Degibna on it's hunt. First time I have photographed this event, it was raining horribly when the hunt rode into Helston, this made photography almost impossible. After I got soaked I went to the van to change the wet gear and wait for the hunt to leave the town. Unfortunately my route information was not correct so I did not get the images I was after; still that will be sorted for next year! Here are some of the images I got.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Helston Flood Images

Hi, here is a small selection of images from flooding in the St John's area of Helston yesterday (22nd Dec 2012)

Emergency Services in attendance and a huge pump/discharge hose rigged across the main road

Flooded garden at Helston next to the River Cober

River Cober reaching top of the arches on the road birdge

Fire engines with hoses rigged to discharge water

Cars that were not moved prior to flooding

Residents make their way out of the flooded area

Incident Commander in attendance and Butchers open for business (so long as you have wellies)

Another car stranded and the Butchers shop still getting his xmas trade

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Helston Flood


Whilst photographing the Helston flood I decided to test the video quality of the Nikon D4 and I am pleased to say it is pretty good, video clips links below:  Images will follow later:

Helston Flood First Video Clip

Helston Flood Second Video Clip

Helston Flood Third Video Clip