Thursday, 27 December 2012

Cury Hunt at Helston

On boxing day each year the Cury hunt meets up at Helston and then sets out through Penrose/Degibna on it's hunt. First time I have photographed this event, it was raining horribly when the hunt rode into Helston, this made photography almost impossible. After I got soaked I went to the van to change the wet gear and wait for the hunt to leave the town. Unfortunately my route information was not correct so I did not get the images I was after; still that will be sorted for next year! Here are some of the images I got.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Helston Flood Images

Hi, here is a small selection of images from flooding in the St John's area of Helston yesterday (22nd Dec 2012)

Emergency Services in attendance and a huge pump/discharge hose rigged across the main road

Flooded garden at Helston next to the River Cober

River Cober reaching top of the arches on the road birdge

Fire engines with hoses rigged to discharge water

Cars that were not moved prior to flooding

Residents make their way out of the flooded area

Incident Commander in attendance and Butchers open for business (so long as you have wellies)

Another car stranded and the Butchers shop still getting his xmas trade

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Helston Flood


Whilst photographing the Helston flood I decided to test the video quality of the Nikon D4 and I am pleased to say it is pretty good, video clips links below:  Images will follow later:

Helston Flood First Video Clip

Helston Flood Second Video Clip

Helston Flood Third Video Clip

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Porthleven Getting Stormy

60mph winds, a heavy sea swell and rain always provides picture opportunities for those who venture out.  Here are a couple from today

Monday, 5 November 2012

Sunny and freezing!

Well nice to see the sun out bit chilly though with a North Easterly  wind.  Quick visits today around Helston, Hayle and Marazion. Nothing much happening although it was good to see the Starlings coming to roost at Marazion. Running late today so onto a couple of images; not much today I am afraid!

Grey Squirrel 


Sunset over Penzance

Starlings Marazion

Starlings Marazion


Sunday, 4 November 2012


Well with poor weather continuing I took the D800 and fisheye lens down Porthleven for some practice shots, which I can shoot again when conditions improve. I certainly like the wide angle perpspective the fisheye lens produces.

Sunday, 20 May 2012


Well I did a quick recce of Goonhilly Earth Station as the dishes are mean't to be lit red, white and blue this weekend until Mon pm between 7.30pm-11.30pm. So spent a day finding what I though was the best stop.  All set up at night a couple of others there awaiting the light spectacular, looks like someone forgot to turn them on. Wasted day and night, useless b----rs! Enough said on that so here is a night image with security lighting only and a day image which I photo-shopped.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Olympic Torch Arrives in Helston

Another massive event for Helston, with crowds on a scale of Flora Day!  "Autie Towers" was where I started the day for a quick photo off the highly decorated house.  I then returned to the area near The Blue Anchor (planned to get a shot of the runner with the torch in front of the arches next to the bowling green) (an over exited crowd snookered this though, coupled with the big lorry that was about 2 feet in front of the torch bearer) Still you have to make the best of the situation! One photographer didn't even know the torch bearer had gone by, that is how much of a glimpse we got. The Helston town band were in full swing keeping everyone entertained with the floral dance amongst other tunes. Anyhow onto what I salvaged from the scrummage to get pictures.

"Autie Towers"

Good to see lots of Union Jacks

The Samsung quad that gave out lots of freebies

A couple of what seemed like a million police in their car

Torch Relay Vehicles

A bigger Samsung Wagon

Torch bearer number 044, sorry no name)

Helston's town band

Peacock I think?

Future Olympian?

Helston's Big Drum

Friday, 18 May 2012

BA2012 arrives in Cornwall with Olympic Flame

Tonight BA2012 "Firefly" landing at Culdrose with the Olympic Flame on board

BA2012 "Firefly"

Friday, 11 May 2012

Kite and Wind Surfing Marazion

Follow two days of heavy rain and mist the weather finally broke and gave the opportunity for some pictures of the wind/kite surfers at Marazion

Wind Surfer before the rain and mist cleared

Kite Surfer

Kite Surfer

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Loco's at Penzance

Welcome to my new blog, as my main blog is wildlife I have commenced this one to show other images I take around Cornwall. My first post contains some pictures from a visit to Penzance by the Royal Duchy Express, hauled by Steam Locomotives Tangmere and Oliver Cromwell